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Proteomic Mass Spectrometry
Scientists at the Yates Lab at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) rely on information yielded by tandem mass spectrometry to identify proteins from complex mixtures. Using this powerful technique, researchers draw upon a cross section of fields to increase the scope, sensitivity, and throughput of technologies for practical proteomics.

Biologists provide the questions that drive our research. By identifying complexes that are poorly understood or organism-wide issues requiring further exploration, we gain a theoretical understanding of issues that are tractable only through proteomic strategies.

Analytical chemists and biochemists improve our tools for revealing the proteins present in biological samples. Targets for optimization include the isolations used to obtain proteins, the steps to generate peptides from these proteins, and the separation of peptides en route to the mass spectrometer. Chemistry is vital to increasing power of proteomic technology.

Computer science yields tools on two scales. First, the sequence corresponding to each peptide's tandem mass spectrum must be identified. Once those identifications have been completed, additional tools are needed to summarize and organize these identifications.

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