Former Members
Daniela Seixas
Ashley McCormack Email Oregon Health and Science University
Karen Jonscher Email University of Colorado
Ashok Dongre Email Bristol-Myers Squibb
Tina (Gatlin) Buna christine.gatlin (at) National Human Genome Research Institute
Edwin Carmack Email St Mary's Hospital, Grand Junction, CO
Wei Tong Email EPIX Medical Inc.
Andrew Link Email Vanderbilt
Gerd Kleemann Amgen
Scott Morgan Seattle consulting company
Jimmy Eng Email Institute for Systems Biology
Mike Washburn Email Stowers Institute
Dave Schieltz Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Lara Hays Email Non-Science Sabbatical
Dirk Wolters Email University of Bochum
Hanjo Lim Email Sidney Kimmel Cancer
Shigenori Kumazawa Email University of Shizuoka
Ebi Durr Email Institute for Systems Biology
Dayin Lin Email Agilent
Johannes Graumann Email CalTech
Dean Lee Email UCLA
Anita Saraf Email Abbott Laboratories
Laurie Sharp Email Full-time Mom
Laurence Florens Email Stowers Institute
David Tabb Email Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Karl Willert Email University of California, San Diego
Zee Yong Park Email Kwang Ju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea
Hongbin Liu Email Genentech Inc
Scott Anderson Email State Park Ranger Santa Barbara
Mike MacCoss Email University of Washington
Chen Xu Email Bristol-Myers Squibb
Nemone Muster Email University of California at Irvine
Hayes McDonald Email Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sherry Niessen Scripps Graduate Student
Rovshan Sadygov Email Thermo Finnigan
Chris Wu Email Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chen Xu Email Southwestern College
Hongji Zhang Institute of Biophysics, CAS,Beijing
Juncai Meng Email Merck & Co. Inc
Marc J.F. Suter Email Swiss Federal Institute for Environ
Wen Hong Zhu Email Burnham Institute
Edwin Romijn Email Philips Research Labs
Aaron Bailey Email University of Virginia
Ian McLeod Email Duke
Fuquan Yang Email Institute of Biophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences
Akira Motoyama Email Shiseido, Japan
James Wohlschlegel Email UCLA
Christine Schwaiger Email UCLA
James Wohlschlegel Email Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences
John Venable Email Genomics Institute
Johannes Hewel University of Toronto
Greg Cantin Email Dow Chemical
Iain Cheeseman Email Whitehead/MIT
Meng-Qiu Dong Email National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China
Emily Chen Email Department of Pharmacological Sciences, Stony Brook University
Jeff Johnson Email Genentech
Cristian Ruse Email Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Jin Young Kim Email MS Research Center, Korea Basic Science Institute
Judith Helena Prieto Email Assistant Professor at Western Connecticut State University
Paulo C Carvalho Email Fiocruz - Parana, Brazil
Daniela Seixas Email Brazil
Juliana Fischer Carvalho Email Fiocruz - Parana, Brazil
Daniel Cociorva Email Fair Isaac Co.
Bingwen Lu Email Pfizer Global R&D
Juliana Crestani Email
Kevin Tse Email Summer Intern
Evelyn Liu Email Summer Intern
Yajuan (Megan) Wang Email Case Western Reserve University
Albert J. R. HeckAlbert J. R. Heck
Albert J. R. Heck
aheck (at) Professor, Utrecht University
Cinzia RasoCinzia Raso
Cinzia Raso
cinzia (at)
Paul A. HaynesPaul A. Haynes
Paul A. Haynes
Associate Professor
phaynes (at)
Sarah Azoubel LimaSarah Azoubel Lima
Sarah Azoubel Lima
azoubel (at)  
Judith CoppingerJudith Coppinger
Judith Coppinger
jcopping (at)  
James Thompson veridikus (at)  
Ali SarkeshikAli Sarkeshik
Ali Sarkeshik
alisark (at)  
Aleksey NakorchevskiyAleksey Nakorchevskiy
Aleksey Nakorchevskiy
aAleksey (at)  
Jeong Ho (Howard) ChoiJeong Ho (Howard) Choi
Jeong Ho (Howard) Choi
cjh9595 (at) University of California at Los Angeles
Michelle LeeJi Hyoung (Michelle) Lee
Ji Hyoung (Michelle) Lee
hyo4041 (at)  
Kristofor J WebbKristofor J Webb
Kristofor J Webb
kristofor.webb (at) Colorado State University
Christian KendallChristian Kendall
Christian Kendall
Moon-chang BaekMoon-chang Baek
Moon-chang Baek
mcbaek (at) Kyungpook National University School of Medicine
Connor T. YatesConnor T. Yates
Connor T. Yates
Catherine WongCatherine Wong
Catherine Wong
catherine_wong (at) PI, National Center for Protein Science Shanghai
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Henrique Marcelo Gualberto PereiraHenrique Marcelo Gualberto Pereira
Henrique Marcelo Gualberto Pereira
Lujian LiaoLujian Liao
Lujian Liao
lliao (at) Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Chaiyarit SakdithepChaiyarit Sakdithep
Chaiyarit Sakdithep
benz_ov73 (at) Medical Proteomics Unit, Thailand  
Patricia TuPatricia Tu
Patricia Tu
pattytu (at)  
Tao XuTao Xu
Tao Xu
computational biologist, Dow Chemical taoxu (at)  
Yueju (Julia) WangYueju (Julia) Wang
Yueju Wang
La Jolla Biologics yuejuw (at)  
Bing ShanBing Shan
Bing Shan
bingshan (at)  
Yaoyang ZhangYaoyang Zhang
Yaoyang Zhang
zhangyy (at)  
Juliana CrestaniJuliana Crestani
Juliana Crestani
crestani (at)  
Marcia BorgesMarcia Borges
Marcia Borges
mhborges (at)  
Lucelia SantiLucelia Santi
Lucelia Santi
luca.santi (at)  
Meha SinghMeha Singh
Meha Singh
mesingh (at)  
Sameh AbdelgawwadSameh Abdelgawwad
Sameh Abdelgawwad
sameh (at)  
Walter Orlando Beys da SilvaWalter Orlando Beys da Silva
Walter Orlando Beys da Silva
walterbeys (at)  
Antonio F.M. PintoAntonio F.M. Pinto
Antonio F.M. Pinto
pintoafm (at)  
Diego CalzolariDiego Calzolari
Diego Calzolari
calzolar (at)  
Laura ZimaLaura Zima
Laura Zima
lzima (at)  
Neha SrikumarNeha Srikumar
Neha Srikumar
nsriku (at)  
Patricia MartinyPatricia Martiny
Patricia Martiny
pmartiny (at)  
Khaled BoukebbousKhaled Boukebbous
Khaled Boukebbous
khaledb (at)  
Danielle SteinmetzDanielle Steinmetz
Danielle Steinmetz
dgsteinm (at)  
Harshil ShahHarshil Shah
Harshil Shah
harshil (at)  
Jeffrey SavasJeffrey Savas
Jeffrey Savas
jsavas (at)  
Lin HeLin He
Lin He
linhe (at)  
Navin RauniyarNavin Rauniyar
Navin Rauniyar
navin (at)  
Xuemei HanXuemei Han
Xuemei Han
xmhan (at)  
Aki Shinoki
ashinoki (at)  
Andras Guttman
a.guttman (at)  

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